How to choose the right career option ?

There are times in your career life span, when you feel that stagnation has set in, making you think whether what you chose was the best of career options at all. With your present career-path, you may sense zero scope for progress. Add to that, the drawling monotony of the job threatens to engulf you.  When you find yourself at the cross-roads of your career, feeling directionless, the thought of shifting to a new career altogether will appear as the best career option.

After much pondering and debate with yourself and peers, when you arrive at a crucial decision of switching to a new career path, a few tips inline will equip you for the changeover.


1. Decide on the job-sector:  With opportunities aplenty in the diverse job industry and numerous career options, it is imperative that you decide on the job sector you want to shift to.  As mentioned, the job-sector is diversified with multiple functional domains. So decide on the job-sector, and if vast, the functional domain, you want to specialize in.

2Research the prospects for growth in that job sector:  Before you explore alternate career options, you need to research on the growth prospects for that career-path. Whether, the job-sector will serve you in the long-run, and how stable and secure will it prove it be against all forms of crises.

3. Evaluate your skills for job-sector/domain:  Some functional domains of a job may just be a branch of your core specialization, whereas others may be totally new to your core skills.  So do the mapping right and identify the areas where you need to specialize.

4. Explore which study program to enrol for: Any career switch will demand acquiring of new skills. So do the ground work for the necessary skills- upgrade by exploring the different specializations associated with the job-sector or that particular functional domain.   In addition, make sure to assess whether the new specialization will give you a strong backing to start afresh with your new career option. Evaluate the study-options available with your program- whether regular online or distance education.

5. Choosing the best study-option:  Once you have decided on the course to study, you will have to gear up for the transition. Switching to a different career option, come with many implications- enrolling for a study program, maintaining job continuity, financial and personal commitments. Assess your priorities to work out the best option for you. Most working professionals eager for a career-change prefer to enrol for a distance/online learning program to maintain job-continuity, while acquiring new skills.


Making a pick of the lot of career options may sound confusing but with clear thinking and fixed goals, you can take the right lead to a new career path.


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